Basic Self Defense – Awareness

We live in dangerous times. I first said that to a self-defense class 56 years ago this month. We still live in dangerous times. In fact, we’ve lived in dangerous times since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden.

The class I taught in September 1964 included many young women who were interested in learning how to protect themselves on campus and around town. People young and old are still interested in self protection.

That’s why self-defense instructors teach basic self defense. That’s one of the primary reasons Grace Martial Arts exists – to help people learn how to defend themselves.

Self defense begins with being aware of your surroundings. It’s a combination of self-awareness and environmental-awareness – sometimes referred to as Situational or 360 Awareness.

We invite you to watch this first video in a new series about Basic Self Defense. We hope and pray you never find yourself in a dangerous situation, but if you are what we’ll share with you in this special series could help save your life.

Thank you for watching.

Sensei Mark McGee

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