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A-B-Cs of Self Defense

A Kiss On The Lips

Are Martial Arts Demonic?

Basic Self Defense

Be Strong In The Lord!

Black Belt Apologetics

Bullied! No More

Character Qualities for Christian Martial Artists

Christ-Centered Defense

Christian Martial Arts Fitness

Christian Self Defense

Congratulations Yon Ch’uan Black Belts!

Driven by Gratitude

Evade to Enter

Evade to Escape

Exit Strategy – What’s Yours?

Faith In Christ

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Five Stances of Christian Martial Arts

F-I-T: The Secret To Self Defense

Fitness In Martial Arts

Four T’s of Discipleship

Four T’s of Self Defense

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GMAF Newsletters – 1999

GMAF Newsletters – 2000

GMAF Newsletters – 2001

GMAF Newsletters – 2002

GMAF Newsletters – 2003

GMAF Newsletters – 2004

Grace Martial Arts Fitness

How Long To Black Belt?

Increasing Power, Speed and Accuracy

Karate Blocking Drills

Karate Striking Drills

Kata – Why Practice Forms For Self Defense

Kung Fu Training Drills – The Tiger

Love Your Soul!

Martial Arts Articles

Martial Arts Belts

Martial Arts Drills For Judo

Martial Arts The God of Creation

Martial Arts The Real Path to Self Defense

Martial Arts Weapons Of War

Martial Arts What Makes Christian Martial Arts Different?

Musings Of A White Belt

Protecting The Vulnerable – Part One


Respect In Martial Arts

Responding To Threats

Safe In Seconds

Saved and Safe

Self-Defense Advice For Children And Teens

Self Defense 90-10

Self Defense For Children and Teens

Self Defense for Children & Teens

Spiritual Basics – Knowing Christ

Spiritual Karate

Standing Our Ground

Surprise, Put Out, Steal

Tai Sabaki – Body Shifting

Teaching Wisdom to Our Children – Part 1

Teaching Wisdom to Our Children – Part 2

Teaching Wisdom to Our Children – Part 3

Teaching Wisdom to Our Children – Part 4

Teaching Wisdom to Our Children – Part 5

Testing For Black Belt

The Future of Christian Martial Arts

The Gift of Thorns

The Origin of Hwa-Yu T’ai Chi – A Biblical Perspective

The Three Nails

The Two Sides of the Cross PART 1

The Two Sides of the Cross PART 2

Three Rules For Self Defense

Three Zone Defense Theory

Three Zones of Self Defense

Training In The Dark

Turning On The Lights In Self Defense

Watch, Stand Fast, Be Brave, Be Strong, Love

What Makes Christian Martial Arts Different?

What’s Your Style

With Heavy Heart – Protecting The Children

Yoga and Martial Arts for Children – A Dangerous Spiritual Path

Yon Ch’uan Basics: Kicking

Yon Ch’uan Basics: Rooting and Blending

Young Women and Sexual Assault

Your First Martial Arts Weapon

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