Self Defense for Children and Teens

Children and teens are among the most vulnerable to physical attack and sexual abuse. Grace Martial Arts exists to teach them how to develop awareness and response skills that will keep them safe.

How do we do that? One way is to help them understand how to use awareness and movement skills they already possess through sports and other physical activities. Here are some examples:



One of the best skills to possess, in addition to awareness and focus, is running. We teach children and teens that running from danger is one of the best ways to be safe. In addition to learning to run fast while yelling words that nearby adults would understand as danger signals, we also teach children how to zig-zag run which makes it harder for someone to catch them.


Learning how to strike and kick for self defense is not as difficult as it may seem. When teaching people who have not trained in martial arts, we will help them practice defensive movements based on sports or other physical activities they have done.


Do you know how to kick a soccer ball or football? A quick, strong kick to an attacker’s shins, knee, groin or stomach can stop their attack and put them on the ground in pain while you escape.


Do you know how to serve, hit and spike a volleball? The upward strike volleyball players use to set up the ball for a fellow player to spike can be used to hit an attacker’s groin, stomach or chest or throat. The downward spike used for serving and spiking over the net can be used to strike to an attacker’s eyes or nose. Both types of strikes can stop an attacker and put them on the ground in pain while you escape.


Do you know how to throw and kick a football? Do you know how to run with a football? They can all be used to stop an attacker in his tracks while you escape.


Do you know how to dribble, throw and shoot a basketball? Do you know how to quickly run to the other end of the court after your team shoots or steals the ball? All of those skills can be used to stop an attacker in his tracks while you escape.


Do you know how to throw a softball or baseball? Do you know how to swing a bat? All of those can be used to stop an attacker in his tracks while you escape.


Are you now or have you ever been a cheerleader? Great! Many cheerleading skills adapt well to striking, kicking and escaping from an attacker.

Clinics For Schools and Churches

Grace Martial Arts instructors in Alabama and Florida want to help students at your church or school defend themselves effectively against a variety of attacks. If you would like more information or would like to contact an instructor, please email us at

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