The 3 A’s of Attack Awareness

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We live in a society that is becoming increasingly violent. That violence can become part of our experience quickly and without warning. It’s unfortunate, but a reality we need to acknowledge and face. Almost 50 years in martial arts and 40 years as a journalist have shown me the rougher side of life. That’s one of the reasons I am so passionate about training children and adults to think defensively and train to survive an attack.

The best way not to get hurt in an attack is not be there. If we think defensively and train to survive, we won’t purposely put ourselves in places where attacks are likely to happen. That’s smart and will probably keep you from being hurt most of your life. However, more and more attacks are happening in places we cannot avoid, unless we want to cower behind locked doors and never venture outside to live our lives. That is no way to live. So, instead of cowering behind locked doors, we open our doors and go outside and live our lives – having trained in the 3 A’s of Attack Awareness:

“Be Aware that an Attack can happen Anywhere, at Anytime, by Anyone.”

I don’t walk around afraid of people. However, I am aware that I could be attacked anywhere: inside my house, in my yard, in my driveway, on the street in front of my house, down the block, at work, at the store, at church, anywhere.

I’m also aware that I could be attacked at anytime day or night. Look at the incident reports at your local police station or sheriff’s office and you’ll see every time of the day and night listed. Checking the police blotter as a reporter used to mean going to the police station every morning to see what had happened overnight. I found that people had been assaulted all night long and into the early morning hours. I checked the police blotter in the afternoon and saw that people had been assaulted all day long. We can be attacked at any time of the day or night.

I also know that I could be attacked by anyone: family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker, business associate, training partner, stranger. Anyone could attack me with the right provocation or evil intent. I’m not afraid of people, but I am aware. I watch for any changes in the behavior of people I know well. I watch for personality traits that are a clue to someone leaning toward the possibility of violence. I observe strangers who are behaving abnormally or irrationally. My purpose in doing that is not to be unfriendly, but to be ready for a possible attack.

Please keep this in mind as you go through your day: The 3 A’s of Attack Awareness.


Mark McGee

Grace Martial Arts


  1. Thank you for your passion of awareness. The information you share was simple and something we need to share with everyone we care about. Being ready and aware is the key to all attacks physical and spiritual. loved it Mark!

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