An Unusual Week Coming Up


Greetings! Next week will be a little unusual. We won’t have classes on Monday, Feb. 22nd, but we will have a make-up class on Thursday, Feb. 25th. The church fellowship hall is used for an election polling location next Tuesday and will be set up on Monday afternoon. That’s why we can’t have class Monday night. I didn’t want to miss an entire week of classes since we’re so close to the March 1st testing date, so we’ll have a special make-up class on Thursday from 6-7:30pm. Any of you who are able to come, even if for a short time, are invited. I’ll work individually with everyone who comes to help you in any area you want to train.

Looking forward to the testing schedule, here’s the class schedule for March:

1st – Testing: 6-7pm
8th – Testing: 6-7pm
15th – Testing and graduation: 6-7pm
22nd – Regular classes: 6pm and 6:45pm
29th – Regular classes: 6pm and 6:45pm

Hope you have a wonderful week! See you Thursday at 6pm.


Mark McGee
Grace Martial Arts

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