Four T’s of Self Defense

Self-defense training follows a time-honored and proven system that includes four T’s:

  • Teach – Teach students self-defense techniques
  • Train – Train students in applying self-defense techniques 
  • Test – Test students in using self-defense techniques
  • Truth – Truth of the students’ ability to use the techniques in actual self defense

Let’s look at each one to learn more about the process.


Learning self defense begins with someone teaching another person basic principles followed by individual techniques.

You’ll find some of the physical principles we use in teaching at Grace Martial Arts by clicking here and here.

You’ll find some of the spiritual principles we use in teaching at Grace Martial Arts by clicking here and here.

While there are hundreds of different self-defense applications you can learn, we emphasize those that will be useful in most situations.

Sensei Mark McGee
Sensei McGee and Sempai Dan Capobianco


Training in self defense includes working with a partner to see how techniques work in realistic situations.

Self defense, to be effective, needs to work from any angle and position, including –

  • From the front
  • From the side
  • From the back
  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Lying down (prone and supine)


Taylor and Joshua Testing


Testing self defense is a process of the teacher seeing how you respond to a series of attack scenarios.

Whether you are testing for rank advancement in martial arts or testing as part of a self-defense program, the aim is to make the attack scenarios as realistic as possible while being safe.

Grace Martial Arts Black Belt Test
Grace Martial Arts Black Belt Test


The truth of whether your self-defense training works is if you have to defend yourself in a real attack situation.

We learn and train and test with the hope that if the day comes that we face a real attack, we’ll be ready to defend quickly and effectively in each of these areas:

  • Escaping
  • Blocking
  • Striking
  • Trapping
  • Throwing



If you would be interested in self-defense training in a Christian program near you, please contact us.

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