Social Distancing – Zone Three

How far is six feet? That’s the distance we’re told to be from everyone around us for ‘social distancing.’

It’s easy to remember for students of Yon Ch’uan Martial Arts. That’s the distance we use in our self-defense training for Zone Three.

Zone Three

Zone Three is the ‘safety’ zone in both self defense and health defense. That’s where you are not within the reachable space of another person.

How do you find that distance?

One way to learn is to stand far enough away from another person that you cannot reach them with your outstretched hand, then take a big step backward. That will move you to about six feet away from people.

Another way to learn is to stand close to a family member (living in your house), then both of you take two steps backward. That will place you both at least six feet apart.

Once you can visualize the distance of six feet it will be easier for you to know how to stay at least six feet away from people when you are out and about.

Stay well and keep training!

Three Zone Training

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