Huntsville Summer Self Defense Clinic 2

Grace Martial Arts is thankful to Rivertree Church in Owens Cross Roads for the opportunity to hold another self-defense clinic for young women this summer.

Here is the announcement for our July 29th class. There is no charge for the class, so we hope you will invite your friends to come with you.

Rivertree Women’s Ministry is offering a special self-defense class this summer for high school and college-aged women. The class will be led by a 7th Degree Black Belt who has been teaching self-defense for more than 50 years. There is no charge for the class, so please invite your friends to come with you. Feel free to bring your mom, too!

The class will be held at Rivertree Church from 2-4pm on Sunday, July 29th, and will include practical hands-on training:

  1. How NOT to be a target for an attacker.
  2. How to escape from an attacker in just seconds.
  3. How to use time and space to your advantage.
  4. How to surprise an attacker and use their strength against them.

Participants are encouraged to wear shorts and tennis shoes.

We invite you to join other young women for training that is both serious and fun.

Sponsored by Rivertree Women’s Ministry and Grace Martial Arts.

Sign up here.

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