S P S – Surprise, Put Out, Steal

Understanding how attackers think and what they do helps us develop effective responses to their attacks.

Attackers use an offensive strategy we call the Three S’s –

  1. Surprise
  2. Spark
  3. Strength

We teach a defensive strategy we call S-P-S –

  1. Surprise
  2. Put Out
  3. Steal

Here’s how it works.

Attackers use the element of surprise to catch their victim off-guard.

Attackers have a mind intent we call a mind spark. It’s a mental flame that is the passion behind their intent. They may want to rob, humiliate, defeat, rape or kill. That’s their mind intent. The passion behind their intent is the spark.

Attackers are usually bigger and stronger than their victim. They are also cowards.

So, what can we do against a bigger, stronger coward who uses the element of surprise to rob, humiliate, defeat, rape or kill?

If we can escape and run, we do that first. If the attacker has a firm grasp on us or is about to hit us, we do three things – in this order:

  1. We surprise them with a fast and furious response that includes multiple strikes and yelling loudly in their face (yelling helps with the surprise).
  2. We put out the spark in their mind by causing them to fear for their own safety. Multiple strikes to eyes, nose, throat, solar plexus, groin, knee, etc., plus trips and throws that cause them to lose their balance, pushes their mind into overload trying to deal with all of the pain and imbalance coming from our furious striking and throwing.
  3. We steal their strength by using effective two-second techniques executed with speed, accuracy and power. We turn their strengths into our strengths (and their weakness) through a process of stealing from them what they’re counting on for their superiority and victory. The speed and power of our response turns the tables on an attacker and changes the outcome they had planned.


IMG_2371        IMG_2373

[Attacker thrusts with weapon .. 2-second technique steals attacker’s strength]

In the coming months we plan to produce short videos to demonstrate some of these 2-second techniques that will surprise, put out the spark, and steal strength.

However, we want to first emphasize the following strategies in the order we recommend. It is not our hope or desire to hurt anyone. Our goal is to effect a quick escape from danger.

  • If we can run, we run.
  • If we are grabbed, we escape and run.
  • If we are not able to escape and run, we stun and run.
  • If a stun-and-run technique doesn’t work, we gun and run. [Read more about that strategy here.]

As Christians our hope and desire is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. That is our primary goal. However, we also believe that Christians have a basic right to be safe in their homes and communities. Students in Grace Martial Arts programs are taught to be compassionate whenever possible. If we can effect an escape without hurting anyone, that is our first choice. However, if using compassionate techniques will not be effective against a strong attack our response may have to be harsher. What we definitely will NOT do is use self-defense skills for revenge. That is not ours to do.

Grace Martial Arts Fellowship © 2018


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