Karate For Christ Membership

Karate For Christ Patch
Karate For Christ Patch

Karate for Christ Director David Dunn has kindly offered membership to individual members of Grace Martial Arts. I’ve been a member since 1972 and Grace Martial Arts was one of the first schools accepted into school membership many years ago.

Karate For Christ International is a wonderful group of Christian martial artists from around the world. You can learn more about the organization at http://www.karateforchrist.com/.

The process of becoming a member of Karate for Christ International includes the following: 1. Let me know about your interest in joining KFCI and I will notify Director Dunn. 2. Email your profession of faith in Christ to Director Dunn. 3. Director Dunn will send you a membership certificate (PDF) that prints out nicely on parchment paper. 4. Let me know when you receive the KFCI certificate. 5. You will begin receiving the monthly KFCI newsletter. 6. You will be eligible to join the KFCI Facebook group.

Thanks and have a wonderful week!

Sensei Mark


  1. Greetings Mark, I am very interested in joining KFCI to become a dedicated instructor in Christ to my students. Thank you in advance looking forward to know more about becoming a member. Blessings and my respects, John

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