Trade Fear For Faith


We completed our 3-week Family and Community Self Defense program last night and it was a great success. Thanks to all of the members of Grace Martial Arts who helped teach and demonstrate. Thanks to the leaders of Seminole Heights Baptist Church and Mission Tampa for supporting our martial arts programs for the past 7 years. And a special thanks to the members of the Tampa Bay area community who came out to participate. We appreciate your enthusiasm and hard work.

Last night was especially fun as community and church members learned how to throw an attacker off balance and escape from danger. We also enjoyed taking the class into the church parking lot to learn some important things about safety and personal self defense when getting in and out of our cars around town, especially when we have children with us.

Remember that we “trade fear for faith” when we trust our training. We will be “aware” rather than “afraid.”

Thanks again and have a great summer! Grace Martial Arts classes begin again on Monday, September 10th, at 6pm. Classes will be free again next year, so please invite your friends to attend.


Mark McGee

Senior Instructor

Grace Martial Arts

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