Fall Testing Schedule for Grace Martial Arts Students

Greetings! Hope you are all doing well and are ready for testing in November. Testing is always a fun time for kids and adults, so we’re excited that it’s almost here!

For those of you who can attend the 6pm class this Monday, Oct. 31, we will review what you’ll need to know for your test, including blocks, escapes, strikes, kicks, and basic falls. Black Belt candidates in the 6:45pm class will work on knife and gun defenses.

Testing will begin for everyone at 6pm on Nov. 7th, with Black Belt candidates testing at 6:45pm.

Testing will end for everyone at 7pm on Nov. 14th, followed by graduation.

Testing also includes saying your Bible verses to one of the Grace Martial Arts Black Belts, along with the Christian Character Qualities. You’ll find those listed here.

I look forward to seeing you Monday!

In Christ’s Love and Grace,

Mark McGee
Senior Instructor
Grace Martial Arts


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