Karate For Christ Kick-A-Thon

Karate For Christ Kick-A-Thon 2009
Karate For Christ Kick-A-Thon 2009

Greetings! Hope you’re having a wonderful week. Just a reminder that the first class this Fall will be September 13th, from 6-7pm. We’ll start with our popular Kick-A-Thon! This is where we raise money for Asia Reach Ministries, the mission arm of Karate For Christ International. I joined the original organization, Judo and Karate for Christ, in 1972 and believe strongly in its outreach ministry through martial arts around the world.

We raised more than $800 last year and our goal for this year is $1,000! Grace Martial Arts has consistently been #1 or #2 in the country for raising money for the Kick-A-Thon and our students have been among the top fund raisers. Last year, Kenny Fernandez and Ben Hunter were #1 and #2 with only a dollar’s difference in what they raised!

For those of you who have not been involved in a Kick-A-Thon, you are in for a lot of fun. We have some pictures in our photo section  (https://gracemartialarts.wordpress.com/photos/) from past years and I’ll be putting more up on our site in the next week or two.

Please use the attached Sponsorship Form for your supporters and their donations. Asia Reach Ministries will send them a tax deductible donation receipt.



Karate for Christ International Kick-A-Thon

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