What is Grace Martial Arts?

Many of the people who contact us about Grace Martial Arts want to know what martial arts we teach. The short answer is that we teach Yon Ch’uan. A slightly longer answer would be Aikido, Judo, Karate, Kenpo, and Kung Fu. These five martial arts embody the primary scientific principles of martial movement and self defense found in Yon Ch’uan. They include the internal and external principles that encompass the soft and hard responses to an attack.

As Christian martial artists, understanding these principles of movement allows us to respond compassionately or harshly as needed. Many people think of Aikido, Judo and T’ai Chi as teaching only soft responses to attack. The softness lies inside the defender. The result of his or her defensive techniques can be devastating to the body of the person who attacks them. So, what about Karate, Kenpo and Kung Fu? Each is known for powerful kicks and strikes that can break bones and inflict critical injuries to opponents. How can you use those abilities compassionately? Again, the softness lies inside the defender. As the softness inside controls the hardness outside, Karate, Kenpo, and Kung Fu can be as compassionate as is appropriate – or as harsh as necessary. We take no pleasure in “beating up” someone who attack us. Our goal is to escape danger quickly and with as little injury to ourselves and the attacker as possible.

The best example of a warrior who can destroy any opponent easily, but has demonstrated amazing compassion in facing serious opposition, is Jesus Christ. When you read about the last days of this planet, you read about Jesus as the One Who will defeat the armies of the world with the power of His Spoken Word (Revelation 19). When you read about the days when Jesus walked on this planet, you read about Jesus as the One Who defeated sin and death by the power of His Death on the Cross, dying for our sins. No one on earth could have nailed Jesus to a Cross if He didn’t want to go there. Jesus had the ability to destroy everyone who came against Him, but He chose to be compassionate and give His life voluntarily for those He Loved. Jesus is still compassionate to this day offering forgiveness to those who have faith to receive it, but the time is fast approaching when the world will know Jesus as the One leading the armies of Heaven to deliver justice as He judges and makes war.

Grace Martial Arts teaches compassionate response to harsh confrontations. We have five arts from which to choose to deliver that compassion. Our next classes begin in September. We look forward to meeting you there!

In Christ’s Love and Grace,

Mark McGee

Grace Martial Arts

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