The Future of Christian Martial Arts (Part 3)

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We are pleased to bring you the next response to the question “What is the future of Christian Martial Arts?” that we posed to many instructors. The responses are published in the order of when we received them.

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Dr. Keith Yates

Keith D. Yates, PhD, 10th Dan

The future of Christian martial arts in today’s culture is the same as the future of Christianity itself in our increasingly secularized world. As believers we must stand up for what we believe while being careful not to play into the hands of those who would portray us as negative extremists. Christ commanded us to “love one another” and that is the best way to demonstrate his message to both believers and non-believers. 

Furthermore, while most teachers of the martial arts are not theologians, we are often looked on as experts, or at least knowledgeable about, Asian philosophy, so we should be prepared to compare and contrast those worldviews with the teachings of Scripture. Use your position, whatever it might be, as a platform to preach the Gospel.  

Chairman of the Board of Governors, Gospel Martial Arts Union

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Sensei Mark McGee

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