The Future of Christian Martial Arts (Part 2)

On Guard

We are pleased to bring you the first response to the question “What is the future of Christian Martial Arts?” that we posed to many instructors. The responses are published in the order of when we received them.

You can read the Introduction to our new series here.

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Dennis Stewart

Karate for Christ of Arizona

Hi, Mark. What an honor. I am inspired by God and a great group of individuals as well: David Dunn from Karate For Christ International, Chris Stewart from Christian Kenpo Fellowship, Joseph Lumpkin co-author of “The Warrior’s Heart Revealed” and the late Daryl Covington, as well as yourself.

The Holy Spirit gets the credit here, I just go through the motions for what I have learned in martial arts over the years and share it with the ones who show up in class, and they are not there by accident. Of course, you need to do the work finding a place to call ‘the School,’ get the gear, order the uniforms, and advertise, but that is just the start.

Karate for Christ of Arizona

God’s plan here is to get the Gospel to individuals who may never step into a church. If we change any hearts, it is by who we are, and not by what we say. I heard about this Karate school in the 90’s named Warriors for Christ, at the church my wife and I attended. I muttered a prayer to God that maybe He could use me in some way like that. Karate without any eastern philosophies.

I know Christ’s return is coming so let us do an outreach to children and adults in a broken world and let them know there is hope in Christ and you can learn how to defend yourself in the meantime. Sounds good to me.

So, what do you think Lord? Now seven years later here we are. I say we, cause my son is involved and the students are our disciples who are also there, administering the Gospel with us. And you know they may not even know it, and maybe they do? You just have to let the Holy Spirit do His job. It is easy if you do yours and ignore any negativity the devil may bring; he already lost his battle at the cross!

The Future in Christian Martial Arts is whatever God’s plan is. You let Him take your life and let whatever gift you may have be used for the glory of the coming Kingdom. The battle we prepare for is not a fight against another person, which you will be prepared for as you train, but the real battle is against evil, and the confidence for any challenge that comes, when it comes. It is who you are, and the life you live bearing the name of Jesus Christ. That is where the power comes from! 

Dennis Stewart

Karate for Christ of Arizona

Your Part

If you would like to share your thoughts with our readers, please email You can write a few sentences or several paragraphs .. however God leads you. We also invite you to include one or two photos of yourself and your students (or teachers if you are a student) with your email.

Thank you for your interest in Christian Martial Arts!

Sensei Mark McGee

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