Announcing The Grace Martial Arts Podcast

We are pleased to announce that the first season of the new Grace Martial Arts Podcast is now available on several digital platforms.

Season One

  1. Grace Martial Arts Fellowship Newsletters, 1998-2002 (Episodes 1-41)
  2. Christian Character In Martial Arts (Episodes 42-48)
  3. Christian Martial Arts Fitness (Episodes 49-52)

We started the Grace Martial Arts Fellowship Newsletter series in 1998 and continued it until 2008. Season One includes newsletters from the first five years, 1998-2002. We have included many of the articles written by leaders in Christian Martial Arts from the last several decades, along with insights into living the Christian life as a martial artist, martial arts techniques and effective self defense. We will upload more GMAF Newsletters in the near future.

Christian Character In Martial Arts addresses the importance of becoming ‘like Christ’ in our lives. Training someone in martial arts skills should include the development of their character. Christian martial artists should have the highest character because of who they represent — Jesus Christ.

Christian Martial Arts Fitness addresses five types of fitness:

  1. Fitness of heart  — Love for God
  2. Fitness of soul  — Love for God
  3. Fitness of strength  — Love for God
  4. Fitness of mind  — Love for God
  5. Fitness of love for others  — Love for neighbor

We also share insights into martial arts training that includes all components and elements of physical fitness, including the many benefits of exercise.

Season Two

Future podcasts will address issues of specific interest to Christian Martial Arts instructors and students, so please subscribe so you will know when new studies are available.

Here are the platforms where you can currently find our new podcast:

Grace Martial Arts Podcast on Spotify

Grace Martial Arts Podcast on Pocket Casts

Grace Martial Arts Podcast on Breaker Audio 

Grace Martial Arts Podcast on Radio Public

Grace Martial Arts Podcast on Google Podcasts (For Android Users)

Expected Future Platform

Grace Martial Arts Podcast on Apple Podcasts

We invite you to listen and share the podcast with family, friends and fellow martial artists. Our objective is that our students will be Saved and Safe!

In Christ’s Love and Grace,

Mark McGee

Copyright © 1990-2021

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