A-B-C’s of Self Defense


Avoid Conflict Through Awareness (3-Zone Defense)

3 A’s of Awareness – We can be attacked Anywhere, at Anytime, by Anyone – Always Be Aware



Build A Bridge (Evade and Escape) – Build a Bridge of Friendship with Words of Kindness if Bullied (gentle words turn can away anger) – Build a Bridge of Escape if Attacked (Yield to Oncoming Force, Angles for Escape)

Build A Barrier (Block and Stop, Evade and Enter if needed) – Use stepping, leaping and angling while blocking to build the barrier



Clear Your Midline (Yield and Clear Yourself from Attacker’s Force)

Clear From Your Center (All Movement from Your Center)

Clear Through Contact and Control (Steal Attacker’s Strength, Lead Attacker to Emptiness)

Clear Through Effective Counter (Redirect Attacker with Effective Skill – e.g. White Crane Folding Technique, Aikido Push to Pull-Pull to Push)

Clear With Circular Movement (Neutralize Attacker with Circular Movement – e.g. Trapping, Throwing)

For more information about Grace Martial Arts and self-defense classes in your area, email gracemartialarts1@gmail.com.

Copyright Grace Martial Arts, 1990-2014


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