The March to May!

We have just one month left before testing in May! These last four weeks of training will be important for all of as we prepare our body, mind and spirit to demonstrate what we’ve learned in the 2013-14 school year.

Before we get into the class and testing schedule, we’d like to welcome back Jack Fernandez and James Hunter to our instructional team! We’ve missed them and are so excited to have them back with us.

Here’s the schedule for the next two months as we march to testing and graduation in May.

April 14 – Class Training

April 21 – Class Training

April 28 – Class Training

May 5 – Self-Defense Clinic with Tang Soo Do Grand Master David Sgro

May 12 – Class Testing

May 19 – Class Graduation with Yon Ch’uan Grand Master Robert Xavier

May 26 – No Class – Memorial Day

June 2 – No Class – Beginning of summer break

I look forward to seeing everyone Monday evenings for a great time of training!

Grand Master Robert Xavier and Sensei Mark McGee
Grand Master Robert Xavier and Sensei Mark McGee

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