New Grace Martial Arts Classes Begin September 9th!

We’re excited about Grace Martial Arts classes starting in less than a month for the new school year.

We’re also pleased to announce that Grace Martial Arts classes will continue to be free of charge and that every new student will receive a new martial arts uniform and school patch (a $40 value). We will get student sizes during their first or second class and have the uniforms for them at the beginning of their fourth class.

Grace Martial Arts will continue to meet at 6pm with doors of the fellowship hall at Seminole Heights Baptist Church (801 E. Hillsborough Ave., Tampa) opening at 5:45pm.

We will have two evening class times again this year. The 6pm class will be for all ages and emphasize Yon Ch’uan Martial Arts. The 6:45pm class is for Grace Martial Arts students who are teenagers and adults. The emphasis for that class is Sword. Students train with both a wooden sword (bokken) and unsharpened metal sword (Iaito).

We are going to expand the 6pm class from two to three groups in the Fall. The purpose of the groups is to give every student as much individual training as possible. Each group will be taught by Yon Ch’uan Black Belts.

Group 1: Children ages 3-7

Group 2: Children ages 8-12, teens and adults ranked White Belt and Yellow Belt

Group 3: Children ages 8-12, teens and adults ranked Gold Belt – Brown Belt

Please join us on Monday, September 9th, for the first class of the new school year and invite your family and friends to join us as well. We look forward to seeing you there!

Sensei Mark McGee, 6th Dan

Senior Student of Yon Ch’uan Grand Master Robert Xavier, 9th Dan

Master Xavier and Sensei Mark McGee

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