Feed The Children Tour Coming To Tampa Feb. 11th

GM David Sgro

Tang Soo Do Grandmaster and Missionary to Guatemala, David Sgro, will be visiting Grace Martial Arts in Tampa Feb. 11th as part of his “Feed the Children” Tour. GM Sgro shared with us during his visit last Fall that he would be starting a new program of feeding 200 very poor school children in Guatemala every school day during the year. That’s a big undertaking and we’re going to help!

We’ll have a special can for donations at our Monday evening classes and we’ll give what we raise to GM Sgro during his visit next month. He can also use children’s vitamins, so please bring those if you have some extra or you get a chance to buy some at the store. We have six weeks to raise as much as possible (along with the children’s vitamins)!

Visit www.goministries.info to learn more about GM Sgro’s ministry in Guatemala.

Many Blessings and see you Monday!

Mark McGee

Grace Martial Arts

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