New Semester – New Techniques – New Fun!

It’s time for a new semester of training at Grace Martial Arts in Tampa and that means we’re going to learn new martial arts techniques and experience new fun in learning.

The new semester starts tomorrow (December 3rd) at 6pm and every class will learn new self-defense techniques until the next testing on February 25th. That gives us just ten classes to learn these new techniques while continuing to build on what we’ve learned so far.

That is the process of learning any technical skill. Each technique builds on ones we’ve learned before. We practice and practice the new techniques along with the older ones until we are able to perform both new and old with precision.

You’ve probably heard the old saying that “practice makes perfect.” In Yon Ch’uan, we say that “perfect practice makes perfect.” Precision during practice will become more important the more we progress in martial arts.

Just a reminder that we have room for new students to join us in the new semester, so please let your friends and neighbors know about the classes.

See you Monday!

Mark McGee

Grace Martial Arts

Master Xavier and Sensei Mark McGee

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