Dealing With Bullies – 2012

Greetings! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for a great new year. The first class of 2012 is Monday, January 2nd, and we’ll be continuing our special emphasis on Dealing With Bullies. Grace Martial Arts is all about children, teens and adults meeting their full potential. Bullying can keep that from happening “unless” we learn how to deal with bullies wisely and effectively. That’s the goal of the next two months of our classes.

Just a reminder that everyone is welcome and classes are free. If you have not received your uniform (also free), please see me Monday night. We have most sizes available now and just put in a new order in case we run out. Please tell your family, friends and neighbors. We want to help people deal with the growing problem of bullying.

See you Monday at 6pm!

Mark McGee

Senior Instructor

Grace Martial Arts


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