Bourne to Survive

GM SGRO_6974

Our first class back next Monday will be something special for everyone. Grand Master David Sgro is a former US Special Forces Combative Instructor and is going to teach us how to use improvisational weapons and our environment to defend and survive against multiple assailants. So, dress as you would in the street rather than in your martial arts uniform for Monday’s class. Bring a magazine, a pen, loose change, a bookbag/backpack and anything else you would normally carry to work or school, or have within hands reach in your car, work place, or home. This will be similar to summer classes I’ve taught in the past about using environmental weapons to defend yourself and others. It should be a lot of fun and will be a great way to share practical self defense with your friends and neighbors.

The class is called “Bourne to Survive” based on the Bourne movie series where the character, Jason Bourne, uses anything he can get his hands on to defend against any type of attack.
See you Monday at 6pm!

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