Summer Schedule for Grace Martial Arts


Greetings! I hope you are enjoying the beginning of your summer vacation. As you know, we are not holding regular classes this summer, but we have scheduled a special clinic in June and are looking at doing a martial arts demonstration in July and holding a self-defense clinic in August. We hope you will attend these special events and invite your friends!

June 20th at 6pm — Grand Master David Sgro with GO! Ministries (missionary to Guatemala), Tang Soo Do Clinic

July ?? — Martial arts demonstration

August ?? — Self-defense clinic

September 12th at 6pm — Regular classes resume (** please bring the donation you are raising this summer for GO! Ministries – We’d like to raise several hundred dollars to help minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the extreme poor in Guatemala.)

Please check back again for updates during the summer.


Mark McGee

Senior Instructor

Grace Martial Arts

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