Spring Semester 2011


Our Spring Semester at Grace Martial Arts will be a little shorter than in past years because of the two Monday nights we lost to Tampa City elections and family vacation plans after Memorial Day. We will have 7 training weeks and 2 testing weeks.

Here are the primary focuses of each class for the Spring Semester:

Spiritual — Bible Verses & Character Qualities for your next belt level

Kihon — escapes, blocks, strikes, kicks, traps, and throws appropriate for each belt level

Kata — 6pm class: Pinan Nidan (this is the second Kata on the Pinan DVD)   7pm class: 2nd half of Praying Mantis Form (not available on DVD yet)

Kumite — 6pm class: Bunkai from Pinan Nidan     7 pm class: Bunkai from Praying Mantis Form

Kime — Focus in all things Spiritual and Physical

Here is the class schedule for the Spring Semester. Please do your best to make all of the classes so you’re ready for testing and graduation in May.

March 28th — 6pm and 7pm classes

April 4 —6pm and 7pm classes

April 11 — 6pm and 7pm classes

April 18 — 6pm and 7pm classes

April 25 — 6pm and 7pm classes (we will have classes even though Hillsborough County Schools are on Spring Break because of the shortness of this semester … please attend if at all possible)

May 2 — 6pm and 7pm classes

May 9 — 6pm and 7pm classes

May 16 — 6pm and 7pm Testing

May 23 — 6pm Testing, 7pm Graduation


Mark McGee

Grace Martial Arts

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