Congratulations to all of you for your hard work! It was great to watch you demonstrate your Kata and Bunkai last night. It was great to watch your focus and determination during testing and know how well you would do if ever in a situation where you had to use what you’ve learned in class. Most important are the spiritual discoveries we’ve made through learning God’s Word – that’s for now and forever.

Several of you graduated to a new belt color last night – including Brown! I’m proud of everything you’ve achieved. I look forward to our Fall classes where more of you will be working for new belt colors – with the goal of Black Belt in sight!

Just a reminder that we’ll be holding special Fit for Summer classes each Monday night beginning June 21st at the church. Classes are free and open to anyone who would like to work on their functional fitness during the summer. Class times are 6-7pm.

Happy summer to you!

Mark McGee

Grace Martial Arts

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