GMA Testing Week 1


Greetings! It’s time again for June testing in Yon Ch’uan Martial Arts. Week 1 is tomorrow night (June 7th) from 6 – 7pm. You will be tested on Kihon (martial arts fundamentals) and self-defense skills. Also remember to tell me your Bible verse(s) and character qualities.

Week 2 is on June 14th and will include Kata (forms) and Bunkai (applications from forms) along with graduation!

Please tell your friends and family members about our free fitness classes this summer called Fit For Summer! They begin June 21st and will be held from 6-7pm each Monday night during the summer (except for July 5th because of the holiday weekend). The classes are free all summer long! It’s a great time to get into shape.

See you tomorrow night!

In Christ’s Love and Grace,

Mark McGee

Grace Martial Arts

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