What’s Most Important In Choosing A Martial Art?


This is a tough question for me because I love every martial art I’ve studied for the last 49 years. People often ask what style I teach. I tell them it’s called Yon Ch’uan, but a martial arts teacher is the sum of his or her total experience in the field of self-defense. I’ve been fortunate to study many styles through the years and each one is excellent for self-defense, but my  job as a teacher is to help you find the techniques that work best for you. That’s one of the reasons we practice several types of response to the same attack during classes. It gives you the opportunity to see what works best for you. As you reach the Brown and Black Belt levels of your training, you may find that you like one or two of the martial arts better than the others you’ve studied. That’s great! You will excel at the art(s) you like best.

So, how do you choose the right martial art for you? My experience has been that finding the right teacher is the most important thing you can do first. No matter how great a martial art may be, the wrong teacher can leave you with little ability to use that art in a real confrontation or attack situation. The right teacher will give you the knowledge and skill to confidently deal with almost any situation in life. It’s my desire to help you develop your own style of self-defense, rather than learn mine. I want you to be the best you you can be!

I’ve been fortunate to study with several great martial arts teachers. I’m stayed in contact with some of them and enjoy the times we spend together in training and sharing in the martial arts. I love the techniques they’ve taught me through the years, but what I love most is the fellowship we have. We’ve been together for many years and have seen good times and bad times. You can’t buy that kind of relationship. Finding the right teacher makes a world of difference. They will help you become the best martial artist and person you can be.


Mark McGee

Grace Martial Arts

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